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Peter Havholm
Professor of English
College of Wooster

A specialist in nineteenth-century British literature and former editor of the College's alumni magazine, Profesor Havholm has been using computers to enhance his students' learning since 1989, when he and a colleague taught a course in 17th-century English literature in which students made hypertexts. At Wooster, he teaches courses in literary criticism and writing, in addition to literature. He received his BA from Shimer College in 1962 and his PhD from the University of Connecticut in 1972. He published "Let the Sovereign Speak" in The Journal of Commonwealth and Post-Colonial Studies, Vol. 7, No. 1 (Spring, 1998), and "Linear Modeling and Stylistic Analysis: Giving Technology's Power to Literature Students," (with Larry Stewart) is forthcoming in Learning Literature in an Era of Change: Innovations in Teaching, ed. D. Hickey and D. Reiss, from Stylus.

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