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Millicent Cox
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education

Millicent Cox is principal economist at MillicentCox, LLC, a economic research firm working on cross-border economic and demographic issues affecting California and Baja California, primarily San Diego and Imperial Counties and the municipios of Mexicali, Playas de Rosarito, Tecate and Tijuana. She is also dean at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education. She has a PhD in Urban Studies and Economics from the University of Southern California. She is currently an editorial writer for Frontera (a newspaper in Tijuana), working on a book about the cross-border political economy with Fernando Medina Robles, a colleague in Mexicali, and preparing a book about the maquiladoras with Alfonso Mercado Garcia, a faculty member at Colegio de Mexico.

She recently presented papers about the cross-border metropolitan areas, creating cross-border economic indicators, the economic outlook for Mexicali, and local economic development in the context of the new economy and global economic issues to four major conferences, in Tijuana and in Mexicali. Dr. Cox established the first systematic demographic approach to the cross-border communities between California and Baja California (finding a Consolidated Metropolitan Area of San Diego-Tijuana and a Mexicali Metropolitan Area). She also developed the first systematic methodology to measure the cross-border labor markets on a monthly basis with published survey data and administrative record data.

Dr. Cox has extensive experience in developing data for economic and demographic analysis, including the first ever tabulations of IRS tax data to estimate local area (including census tract level) incomes for California. She created the Demographic Atlas San Diego/Tijuana Atlas Demografico for San Diego Dialogue, as well as a survey of border crossers for the San Diego ports of entry, a methodology for estimating waiting times at the border, and The San Diego/Tijuana Economic Review. She also designed and conducted a survey of border crossers at the Imperial Valley ports of entry.

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