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Kathryn Winograd

Kathryn Winograd is co-author of You Can Teach Online (McGraw-Hill 2001) and the upcoming You Can Learn Online (McGraw-Hill 2002). She has been the chief academic officer for eCollege and its director of Center for Internet Technology in Education (CiTE), which sponsored and coordinated the 2000 and 2001 Virtual High School Symposium. She is a feature-writer for Converge Magazine and an upcoming "technology in education" columnist for the Adjunct Advocate. She has presented extensively on the use of technology in education at conferences across the country including keynotes for the 2001 Stop Surfing--Start Teaching conference, the 2001 Alabama Distance Learning Symposium, and the 2000 International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education Annual Conference. Her doctorate is in literature and writing from the University of Denver. She has taught writing and literature in both the online and traditional classroom in higher education and worked as an online tutor for Johns Hopkins University's Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth. Presently, she is an independent consultant in e-Learning and offers, in conjunction with her co-author, Gary Moore of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, professional development workshops in e-Learning for faculty and K-12 teachers.

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